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Collection of artwork

If you have missed my last exhibition, you can still have a look at my artwork. At the gallery “raum16” are shown lots of painting from different years and techniques. You can watch them until the next exhibition in september.

May 2018 – Exhibition with new Work by Steve Bauer



In May this year, Steve Bauer will again raise the curtain. He will allow visitors to have a look at what he created since his last exhibition took place. Only new stuff will cover the walls, old works will be put away but, of course, won’t be side-lined. If you would like to have a look at Steve Bauer’s older images, please pay a visit to the permanent exhibition in Leipzig’s South.

More information about the new exhibition by Steve Bauer will be published here, soon. You can also find information at



Permanent exhibition “Steve Bauer” at art gallery “Raum 16” in Leipzig



Right now, you can have a look at my images in a permanent exhibition at the art gallery “Raum 16” on the premises of “Werk 2” in Leipzig. Please, find opening hours and directions on the website of “Raum 16″.